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Game Time Activity Pack and Battery Blitz Board Game

by Jessica Ragnio, MSW, LICSW, and Associate Clinical Director at Mightier

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Plug in. Power up. Game time! As the images appear and the background music plays, your heart is pounding and you get in the zone. Obstacles? No problem. Worlds to explore? Let’s go. Your energy bar is high, and you’re ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.

But when you play a video game, the energy bar on screen isn’t the only one that matters. Focus, frustration, and finger control all take energy, and the more we play the more we drain our supply. How often have you started a video game at full charge, and ended up on empty?

Running on empty never feels good, but pressing pause can still be hard. Transitioning away from video game play requires the awareness to know it’s time to stop, the impulse control to stop, and the cognitive flexibility to shift attention away from the game and onto another activity. These are cognitive skills many kids struggle with at baseline.

These are also skills we can practice and have fun with! Use this Game Time activity pack to explore the concept of emotional and physical wellness in connection with video game play.

The Battery Blitz board can help your child to practice strategically pausing and paying attention to their “battery charge” (aka energy emotional state) as they play.

This skillpack was made in partnership with Healthy Gamer, an innovative leader in improving mental health and wellbeing in the gaming community. Their platform offers a wealth of resources tailored to both parents and gamers, equipping them with essential knowledge and tools to foster a healthier gaming lifestyle. Visit Healthy Gamer to delve deeper into maintaining a healthy balance with technology and gaming for your family.


For practical and quick tips on fostering healthy gaming and screen habits, check out our collaborative post on How to Promote Healthy Game Hygiene. These insights are designed to help you integrate healthier practices into gaming and screen time routines.

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