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Inspire all children to build a calmer, kinder world.

Empower every child to build lifelong skills and develop emotional strength to be their best self.

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Our Leadership Team

At Mightier, we are a diverse team of clinicians, scientists, game designers, and parents.

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Our Culture of Giving Back

We partner with organizations to reach children of low-income families that are underserved in their emotional health needs.

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We created Mightier because we believe emotional regulation can improve the lives of all children.

Jason Kahn

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer

Our Board of Directors

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The Kids Behind the Lavalings


The Kids Behind the Lavalings

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Inner Space Exploration

Have you ever thought about how anger feels in...

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Anger and frustration

Bugs Badge Activities

Understanding Frustrations and Building Frustration Tolerance We all have...

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