A platform to reach millions of kids

Emotional strength empowers kids to succeed in life. Our mission is to help millions of kids discover their emotional strength. We provide families a proven tool they can use in their home. We keep kids engaged with new games and content every month. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

Meet the team

Brian Cheney

QA Manager

Mario Cimmino

Marketing Manager

Michael Dellapi

QA Tester

Alyssa Peechatka

Senior Scientist

Hilary Graham

Lead Visual Designer

Daniel Gutierrez

Director of Web & Data Engineering

Troy Hollihan

Customer Experience Manager

Jason Kahn, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Melanie Kinney

Marketing Manager

Craig Lund


Dennis Musaazi

Supply Chain Manager

Suzanne Nystrom, Masters

Voice of Customer Manager

Jessica Ragnio,

Associate Clinical Director

Jenna Rosenbloom,

MSW Parent Coach

Jonathan Rubinger

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Nick Snietka

Lead Software Engineer

Emily Stone,

Professional Clinical
Programming Manager

Trevor Stricker

VP of Games
Principal Game Architect

Sasha Turkovich

VP of Marketing

Suzanne Wintner

Senior Scientist

Sarah Lembke

Director of Customer Experience

Alex Pereira

Software Engineer

William Dramstad

QA Tester

Chris Bruno

Software Engineer

Keith Kocho

Head of Product

Our Advisors

Evan Falchuk

CEO Village Plan

Andy Freedman

Managing Partner, Merkatus Partners

Dr. Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich

MD, Dir. Neuropsychiatry, Boston Children’s Hospital Co-Inventor

Leah Kuypers

Author “Zones of Regulation”

Billy Lagor

SVP & GM Hasbro

Adam Medros

President edX
Frm SVP Global Product, Trip Adviso

Lesley Mottla

Former Chief Product Officer M.Gemi

Andy Palmer

Co-founder & CEO Tamr

Dr. Alex Rotenberg

Dir. Neuromodulation, Boston Children’s Hospital Co-inventor

Carrie Wiley

Principal Engaging Users
Frm VP of UX at CustomMade

John Young

CEO Young Brands