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Mightier is backed by a decade of clinical research and by thousands of happy kids who have become mightier than their emotions.

I love that my daughter is learning that she can control herself. I love that within the technology, she knows what to do to bring her heart rate down. She is also having a lot of fun with it. She has no idea how much she’s really learning.
MELISSA, parent of 6 year-old girl
I’m really excited. I feel like we made a leap this weekend.”… “At one point I caught [my son] breathing, out of the corner of my eye (he was playing), and it was so cool.”
TCHINTCIA, parent of 4 year-old boy

He is making changes right away.

When he started the game we talked about bringing his HR down by thinking about Key West Florida. He took deep breaths and he saw how his HR went right down. It was really neat for him to be able to see this right away.

KATHERINE, parent of 8 year-old boy
Mightier has helped him, and us, so much. Just the other day, he started to breathe deeply on his own to help calm down after getting in trouble for something. He was able to prevent the situation from escalating and was able to regroup and move on. All on his own. This is a huge change for the positive. Something that could have ruined the night was appropriately managed. He moved on. All on his own.
Mother to 19-year old boy

His meltdowns are more rare now.

[My son] has made tremendous gains in emotional management. His meltdowns are more rare now.I know for a fact that the games—the breathing, and knowing that he can calm down—are a big part of the change. It’s pretty incredible.

Mother of 5-year-old boy