The science behind Mightier


Clinically validated to help kids build stronger emotional regulation skills

Ten years of studies show fewer outbursts, deeper emotional control, and kids who can better respond to real-life stressors.

Studies and Data

Mightier is evidence based. Clinical trials show it’s effective.

62% reduction in outbursts

40% reduction in oppositional behaviors

Playing Mightier results in emotional and behavioral improvements

Design Double-blinded randomized sham-controlled trial


Boston Children's Hospital
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Improvements last months after play

Behavioral change is maintained after kids stop playing

Design Double-blinded randomized sham-controlled trial


Massachusetts General Hospital

Rage control: Teaching Emotional Self-Regulation Through Videogame Play. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA; Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. 2017

Play-based intervention works for anger

Mightier prototype reduces anger in youth

Design Open-label compared to treatment as usual


Boston Children's Hospital
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Mightier works within homes. Parents see improvement.

More emotional awareness, confidence, and communication

Mightier play linked with calming strategies in real life situations

Design Cross sectional data from Mightier customers

Location Home use of Mightier

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87% of parents see improvements in 90 days

Mightier play improves primary symptons

Design Repeated measures data from Mightier customers

Location Home use of Mightier

Mightier parent rated improvement survey 6/2018 – 3/2020

Mightier + therapy is more effective than therapy alone.

Immediate and long-term benefits for kids with ADHD

Mightier improves outcomes for kids with ADHD

Design Review of published and customer data

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Mightier + ABA leads to 45% improvement in symptoms

Mightier + ABA is more effective than ABA alone

Design Randomized controlled trial

Location Keyocare and Aces and additional ABA clinics in California

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Kids removed from class less often

Playing Mightier in school counseling improves in-class behavior

Design Open label

Location Public Schools in Brookline, MA and Quebec, Canada.

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The future of pediatric mental health care.

Reducing pediatric mental health care costs

An ongoing study with the national institute of health

Design Blinded randomized controlled trial

Location Participants across the US

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How it works

The Mightier Mechanism

Emotional regulation is the relationship between understanding emotions and reacting to them. It is an internal ability that kids develop over time. A personal, physical experience that takes practice.

Mightier turns emotional regulation into a game. Kids see how their frustration, anxiety, or excitement directly influence their heart rate. They learn that things become more challenging when their heart rate is up, and they’re motivated to explore various calming strategies to bring it down and continue playing. They practice quickly, in the moment, while having fun, in a way that strengthens their natural ability to regulate their emotions in real life.


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