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that helps kids

Mightier games are designed to reward kids for staying cool while they play. Using a heart rate monitor, kids get to visualize their emotions in real time. The calmer they stay, the easier it is to play!

How Mightier Works

Kids can learn a lot through play. With Mightier, they discover their innate ability to regulate emotions and calm down.


The gizmo on the left shows kids their heart rate in real time


When their stress increases, the games become harder


Then, Mightier makes calming down part of the game.


87% of Parents See Improvement in 90 Days.

All it takes is 15 minutes, three days a week. With time and repetition, kids become Mightier than their emotions!

Start your child’s MIGHTIER journey today!

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“So grateful for Mightier for taking this angry boy who was so sweet and loving back on track to being that little boy again. He is talking to his siblings more instead of being angry all the time, he is sharing this experience with them, and they in turn are understanding how to support him as well.”


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