Teaching kids self-regulation through play

See how we’re using video games to teach kids emotion calming skills. 

The Mightier biofeedback algorithm

Make emotions visible

The heart rate monitor & gizmo bring your child’s emotions to life! For the first time they can actually see what they are feeling.

Face challenges

As the player’s heart rate moves into the red, the games get even more challenging. This helps reinforce the connection between heart rate and emotions.

Practice in the moment

In these challenging moments, Dr. Dragon is there to help your child practice calming skills to help them get back into the blue!


Families report 62% fewer outbursts after 12 weeks.

What’s included?

Starting at $28 per month


In the box

  • A dedicated tablet & case
  • A heart-rate monitor & 2 wrist straps
  • Getting started guide
  • A stress ball
  • 23+ games to choose from

The Mightier program

  • Personalized dashboard
  • Monthly clinician check-ins
  • A supportive Parent Community

The Mightier Program

The Mightier Program includes access to a personal dashboard that helps you track your child’s progress through the 4 key stages of learning.

The game experience


This is your kiddo’s learning space! Mightier city is home to all our games – with new ones added all the time!


The gizmo is your kiddo’s visual for their heart rate. This will allow them to see their emotions and connect directly with them.


Dr. Dragon will teach your kiddo emotional regulation skills when they find themselves ‘in the red’.


Lavalings are collectable creatures that represent big emotions. These will help your kiddo connect with their range of emotions in a fun, new way.

Expert guidance

You’ll be connected with a Master’s Level Clinician to help guide you through the whole process. They’ll be there to assist you in making the Program work for your family, trying new approaches, and tracking progress.

When you join Mightier, you’re part of a community. Our Parent Community is full of families all navigating similar situations–sharing advice, stories and support.

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