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Your child learns emotional regulation and practices calming skills while wearing a heart rate sensor and playing games.


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How does Mightier support my child?

Mightier uses the power of play to help children build emotional strength.

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Visualize emotions

Children wear a bluetooth heart rate sensor while playing games. The in-game emotion meter, the Gizmo, helps children visualize their heart rate when they become overexcited, frustrated, or stressed while playing.

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Learn calming skills

Children learn and practice evidence-based calming skills to lower their heart rate and return to gameplay.

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Progressive muscle relaxation

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Deep breathing

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Mindful Tracing

Play, Practice, Apply

By practicing calming skills in the game, children build a toolbox of skills to use in their everyday life. Over time, children internalize these skills and can readily apply them in any situation.

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Track your child’s progress

Mightier’s Parent App provides insights into your child’s progress and includes articles and resources to support your child’s development.

87% of families see improvement in 90 days

Mightier has over a decade of research supporting our findings. Developed and tested at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital.

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