Learn lifelong calming skills through play

How it works

Make emotions visible

A heart rate monitor brings emotions onto the screen so players can see what they are feeling.

Face challenges

As the player’s heart rate increases, the games get more challenging.

Practice in the moment

Challenging moments give the player opportunities to practice calming skills.


Players collect characters and move through different worlds the better they get at staying calm!


Over 70% of parents report
positive change

All programs include a complete Mightier System

Game system & case  •  Heart-rate monitor & 2 wrist straps  •  Getting started guide •  Stress ball

Try it risk-free for 30 days

Learning with Mightier

Our programs help your child through the 4 key stages of learning.

You’ll have access to a personalized dashboard to see progress and our Family Care team to help you on your journey.

The game experience


Mightier is your child’s learning space! With over 20 games on the platform and 5 worlds to conquer, they will never get bored!


The gizmo is your kiddo’s visual for their heart rate. This will allow them to see their emotions and connect directly with them.


Dr. Dragon will teach your kiddo emotional regulation skills when they find themselves ‘in the red’.


Lavalings are collectable creatures that represent big emotions. These will help your kiddo connect with their range of emotions in a fun, new way.

When you join Mightier, you’re part of a community. Our Parent Community is full of families all navigating similar situations–sharing advice, stories and support.

Our commitment to you

Behavior change is hard. Every family is different and every kiddo is unique. We promise that you’re not alone in this. We’ll walk this journey together, celebrating all of the Mighty Moments you have, and overcoming any challenges that stand in the way of your kiddo’s growth. We’re here with you for every step of the way.