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Families are looking for help

Children and families are struggling to access timely, specialized treatment.

Of children with mental health disorders, only 25-56% are accessing specialized help.


Chronic emotion dysregulation raises children’s risks for negative outcomes across many domains.


Source: Wintner et al., (2022). Evaluation of a scalable online videogame-based biofeedback program to improve emotion regulation: A descriptive study assessing parent perspectives. Elsevier, Internet Interventions 28 (2022) 100527

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Wait times to see a mental health provider are greater than 210 days.

Mightier provides immediate mental health support within 5 days directly to a family’s home.

Source: Association for Behavioral Healthcare Feb 2022 Report

70% of US counties have no child psychologists or psychiatrists

Providing differentiated solutions will improve member attraction and retention.

Source: American Psychological Assoc, “The Child and Adolescent Workforce” July 2020

High quality care for families who need it most

Mightier’s approach was tested and proven successful in extensive clinical trials, in conjunction with Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

See the science

Tested and developed at

Harvard Medical School Boston Children's Hospital
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of kids improve in just 3 months

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of parents report less conflict

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of parents report less stress

Tested and developed at

Harvard Medical School Boston Children's Hospital
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$357 to $612 per member per year savings

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Supports children ages 6-14

Lavaling for presentative care Lavaling for presentative care

Preventative care

Mightier supports children without a diagnosis who are seeking extra emotional regulation support.

Lavaling for diagnosed and waiting for care Lavaling for diagnosed and waiting for care

Diagnosed and waiting for care

Mightier can provide immediate support while families wait to see a clinician.

Lavaling for combined with therapy Lavaling for combined with therapy

Combined with therapy

Mightier can enhance care a family is already receiving.

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A program for the whole family

Tablet and Sensor


  • Mightier Game App
  • Heart Sensor
Mightier App


  • Mightier Parent App
  • Parent Community
  • Mightier Support Team


  • Monthly Skill Pack
  • Family Games
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    It’s been an incredible tool for us. We’ve fought for years to have access to mental health care and have mostly hit walls, but this was accessible to us when nothing else was, and I believe it’s helped my son learn and understand his body much better. I’m very thankful for the services Mightier provides.

    Mom of 6-year-old boy

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    Like many kids, my kids love tech time, and I don’t feel guilty giving them their iPad when it’s for Mightier. I feel good about it, and the kids feel excited. It’s something that makes us all happy.

    Mom of 12-year-old girl

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    I’ve loved it for my kiddo with a trauma/foster care background. He’s actually starting to understand the difference between negative feelings – ‘I’m tired’ rather than ‘I’m angry’ or ‘I’m in danger,’ for example.

    Mom of 6-year-old boy

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    We love the fact that Mightier provides agency for our daughter. It supports the opportunity for her to learn how to manage her emotions without the direct involvement of parents or therapists.

    Mom of 11-year-old girl

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