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You work hard to support children’s mental health.
Let us help you.

Mightier empowers kids to explore their emotions and strengthen their emotional regulation skills through play.

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Games designed for children ages 6-14

Tested and developed at

Harvard Boston Childrens Hospital

Mightier is a clinically validated intervention for children with:





Helping them build:


Emotional awareness

Emotional regulation

Frustration tolerance


Included in your Professional program:

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Mightier biofeedback game and equipment

Help children build stronger emotional regulation and coping skills through play and practice. License and equipment pricing for clinics of all sizes.

Mightier Tablet
Mightier Tablet

Therapeutic curriculum

Enhance your individual and group sessions with CBT-informed games and activities.

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Send-home materials

Connect caregivers and extend children’s learning and skill development with family-centered education and activities.

Mightier Tablet

Let us help you get started! Receive 1:1 training and implementation support from the Mightier team.

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Mightier turns emotional regulation into a game, letting kids explore their emotions and practice coping skills as they navigate the Mightier universe.

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Over a decade of Mightier research

shows that Mightier helps reduce outbursts, strengthen emotional control, and improve responses to real-life stressors.

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Mightier + ABA leads to 45% improvement in symptoms

Mightier + ABA is more effective than ABA alone

Design: Randomized controlled trial

Location: Keyocare and Aces and additional ABA clinics in California

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Immediate and long-term benefits for kids with ADHD

Mightier improves outcomes for kids with ADHD

Design: Review of published and customer data

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87% of families see improvements in 90 days.

62% reduction in outbursts

Playing Mightier results in emotional and behavioral improvements.

Design: Double-blinded randomized sham-controlled trial


Boston Children's Hospital
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Tested and developed at

Harvard Boston Children's Hospital
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Let’s help kids, and families, become Mightier.

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