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Bring Mightier to your school

Clinically validated, digital play-based program that uses biofeedback to build emotional health.

Find out how your school can help support happier, healthier kids. Let’s work together to help kids thrive.

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The pediatric mental health crisis affects everyone.

18 to 22 days

missed in the course of the school year for children due to mental health problems.¹


of public schools reported an increase in students seeking mental health services at school since the start of the pandemic.²


of public schools reported an increase in concern about students exhibiting symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.³


of educators say mental health challenges act as a barrier to children’s education.⁴

1: National Center for Children in Poverty, 2010

2: National Center for Education Statistics, 2022

2: National Center for Education Statistics, 2022 3: National Center for Education Statistics, 2022

4: Nationwide Children’s Hospital, O. O. S. (n.d.). Ripple Effect: The Influence of Children’s Mental Health on The Great Resignation. Retrieved May 3, 2023, from

Strong emotions can leave kids feeling out of control.

Mightier empowers kids to manage their emotions through game-based play that can be accessed anywhere.

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Over a decade of Mightier research

shows that Mightier helps reduce outbursts, strengthen emotional control, and improve responses to real-life stressors.

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More emotional awareness, confidence, and communication

Mightier play linked with calming strategies in real life situations

Design: Cross sectional data from Mightier customers

Location: Home use of Mightier

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Immediate and long-term benefits for kids with ADHD

Mightier improves outcomes for kids with ADHD

Design: Review of published and customer data

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Kids removed from class less often

Playing Mightier in school counseling improves in-class behavior

Design: Open label

Location: Public Schools in Brookline, MA and Quebec, Canada.

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Tested and developed at

Harvard Boston Children's Hospital
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A program designed for flexibility in your school or classroom.

Tablet Clinicians


  • Mightier Game App
  • Heart Sensor
  • Optional: Mightier Tablets and additional heart rate sensors
Tablet Clinicians


  • Mightier Support Team to help with questions, guidance, and implementation
  • Digital Monthly Skills Pack to support learning
  • Resources, Activities & Games
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Let’s work together to help kids thrive.

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