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5 Tips for Parents to Promote Healthy Video Game Hygiene

by Dr. Alok Kanojia, MD MPH

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Dr. Alok Kanojia

1. Lead by Example: Demonstrate healthy technology habits by setting limits on your own screen time and prioritizing shared activities.

  • Limit your own screen time: Model healthy screen habits for your child by demonstrating balanced technology use.
  • Prioritize shared activities: Make time for non-screen activities like walks, sports, or reading together, building connection and positive memories.
  • Make screen time a shared, enjoyable activity instead of something that is done passively: Let’s watch a movie together! Let’s play some games together!

2. Cultivate Open Communication: Begin by creating a safe space for open and honest communication. Learn about what your child enjoys about playing video games and listen to your child’s perspective.

  • Understand their passion: Learn what your child enjoys about gaming, fostering mutual understanding and open communication.
  • Express your concerns: Discuss your concerns about video game use openly and honestly, establishing clear expectations.

3. Discover New Interests: Help your child explore hobbies and activities that align with their interests, fostering well-being and providing alternative sources of enjoyment.

  • Explore alternative activities: Based on your child’s video game preferences, help them explore hobbies like sports, music, or art, broadening their interests and promoting well-being.
  • Nurture diverse skills: Encourage activities that develop new skills and talents, creating a balanced and fulfilling life outside of gaming.

4. Set Limits and Foster Responsibility: Establish clear guidelines for game time and promote responsible behavior by prioritizing homework and chores.

  • Collaboratively establish guidelines: Discuss and agree upon clear limits for video game usage, ensuring a balance with other important activities.
  • Prioritize shared responsibilities: Encourage your child to participate in setting time limits and prioritizing responsibilities like homework and chores, fostering ownership and accountability.

5. Be a Supportive Partner: Acknowledge your child’s efforts and offer consistent support throughout the process. Be patient and understanding as they develop new habits.

  • Recognize progress: Acknowledge and celebrate your child’s efforts in managing video game use and developing new interests.
  • Offer consistent support: Remember, you’re on the same team! Be a patient and understanding partner as they form new habits, offering encouragement and guidance throughout the process. Work together to find solutions that work for everyone.

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Healthy Gamer is the leading mental health platform designed to help gamers, parents, and people who grew up with the internet succeed. Built on the expertise of Harvard-trained psychiatrist, Dr. Alok Kanojia (aka Dr.K), HG has helped millions take meaningful steps towards better mental health.

Healthy Gamer applies performance psychology, holistic mental health modalities, and evidence-based neuroscience for a deep, integrative understanding of the mind. Their accessible, inclusive, and affordable mental health resources empower people to find peace and purpose. Through content on Youtube /TwitchGuides to Mental HealthCoaching Services, and community events – HG meets people where they are at.

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