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Flexible Thinking Activities

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How do we overcome something that seems impossible? Hard work? Effort? Perseverance? Oh sure, those things will help. But the real answer is…. magic! Magic makes the impossible possible.

Just kidding, the real answer is flexible thinking. Think of a time you were absolutely certain that you couldn’t do something, like ride a bike or become friends with a certain person, but then did. Or when you got stuck in a game trying the same thing over and over again, until you finally tried a different approach and solved the challenge in no time. How did you do it? Magic. Wait no, flexible thinking.

Let’s dig in and play around with some mind-bending missions to practice flexible thinking!

I Can Coin Flip

How often do you feel stuck, letting anxiety or assumptions about how something should be get in the way of what’s possible? This family board game helps kids challenge those assumptions about what they can or can’t do through a mix of goofy and serious prompts. Can or Can’t coin flip your way as a family!

This bingo board of Mind-Bending Missions adds a playful twist to flexible thinking practice, encouraging the whole family to engage with emotional, physical, and thought challenges that help build flexible thinking skills.

A note from Mightier Clinicians

Flexible thinking can be tough for anyone at any age. It is especially challenging for autistic children, as well as children with ADHD and OCD. It is also one of those tricky executive functioning skills that gets more challenging when we’re upset.

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