DIY Separation Anxiety Book:

“Even When We Are Apart”

Children can struggle with separation from parents, grandparents, siblings, and other important people in their lives from time to time. This is often developmentally appropriate, as children learn that they are safe and secure even when their trusted adult isn’t within sight. Small tools and strategies can help children feel more comfortable and reassured during those still difficult separation periods.. A homemade book of the child’s memories with their favorite person can serve as a special reminder and comfort when separation throughout the day feels hard.

Print the below PDF and follow along with the instructions below to help kids create their own “Even When We are Apart” book. This activity can be particularly meaningful if the child and the special person in their life complete it together.

1. Print the below PDF of the “Even When We Are Apart” book.

2. Cut the pages out and staple them together where marked.

3. Follow along with the prompts on each page and have the child and special adult draw, write, and reflect on the prompts.

4. Once completed, the child can take the book with them wherever they feel as though they want to be reminded of the adult.

Mightier’s DIY Separation Anxiety Book: “Even When We Are Apart”