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When your child struggles, your world stops. Mightier is built for kids – and for the adults who love them.

The power of Mightier is in these moments

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Real families, real stories

Girl Testimonial
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Ashley and Charlie

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Jane and Sebastian

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Kim and Elliott

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    Our son struggled with rapidly shifting moods, oppositional behavior and explosiveness. We tried him on every class of medication, but the side effects far outweighed the benefits. That’s when we turned to Mightier. It’s literally changed our world.


    Parent of 7 year old

Our customers say:

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I’ve seen more results for my son with Mightier than with anything else. I’ve been looking for help for so long and not receiving the support I know we’ve needed. I’m so proud of him for how well he’s doing, and I know he’s proud of himself, too.

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Parent of 8 year old

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We used Mightier as a Tier-2 intervention in our school and it was a GAME-CHANGER!! This is a fun and engaging biofeedback program that we saw positive results from. The kids loved it!

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School Adjustment Counselor

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We’ve fought for years to have access to effective mental health care and have mostly hit walls. This was accessible to us when nothing else was, and it’s helped my son understand his body much better. It’s been an incredible tool for us.

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Parent of 6 year old

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Is he just better regulated? He is! Here’s the thing, all of these things we’ve tried have been helpful, but this brought us to the next level. It’s been this practice. It’s literally changed our world.

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Parent of 7 year old

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Children who were unable to spend a full day in class are learning the skills they need to manage their frustration so well that their time in class is increasing. More time in class equals more self-confidence and academic mastery which leads to better overall self-regulation.

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Family Support Specialist

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I love it! It is both fun and challenging while also helping me feel calmer. I’m more comfortable in my mind and body.

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8 year old

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