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Podcasts About Emotions for Kids

by Anthony Kret

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Learning Through Play

Learning about emotions can be fun and playful. We love these podcasts that put a story and characters behind emotions, and give kids language to talk about their own feelings. They’re approachable but not childish, informative but not boring. Check out our playlists on Spotify!

Emotion Motion Podcasts: 

  • Ocho’s Opus: This episode takes listeners through the journey of a student, Megan the Mermaid, as she navigates the challenges of distance learning. Megan and her ocean friends plan strategies to keep in touch and stay focused all while having fun! 
  • Deep Blue Doctor: Follow Megan the mermaid as she learns to face her fears at her annual mermatrician appointment. This episode teaches kids how to relax when their nervous and find their calm place. 

Peace Out: 

  • Whale Shark: A podcast focused on helping kids relax through body exercises, deep breathing and calming music. This episode uses gentle, calm whale shares to teach us about about ocean conservation, self-regulation, and reflection. 

Like You: Mindfulness Podcast

  • Encore: A Mindful Dance Party: Join in on fun breathing exercises paired with music.

Be Calm on Ahway Island

  • Relaxing Riverbank: A calming short story for children: Children join the creatures on Ahway Island. One of the creatures, Morgan Mole, learns about self care from her new friend, Diana Duck. 

Little Kids, Big Heart

  • How To Stand Up: This podcast is a discussion about how to be a good upstander in your school and community. The podcast host, Todd, interviews Riya, Cora and Simon about their experiences growing up in their respective hometowns. 

Brains On! Science Podcast for Kids 

  • Happy: All About Feelings, pt. 1: This episode is about how the chemicals in their brains can trigger joyful feelings. It teaches that we all have emotional thermostats that can be controlled when we think about our feelings. 
  • Sad: All About Feelings, pt. 2: This episode normalizes sadness as something all social animals -from goldfish and penguins, to humans – feel at times.
  • Angry: All About Feelings, pt. 3: This episode goes over the connection between physical reactions and anger We’ll also hear how people all around the world describe anger.
  • Nervous: All About Feelings, pt. 4: This final part of the feelings podcast walks us through why anxiety and nerves makes our bodies feel fidgety, sweaty, angry or scared. We find out how fear and anxiety are useful to our survival as a species and discover ways to cope when these feelings are too much to handle.

Mightier Parents

This playlist is built for parents! The following podcasts are some of our personal favorites and promote empathy, compassion and community. They help us sit with challenges and, like a conversation with an old friend, can foster a new look on the situation. Listen here!

Cool Down Sounds

This playlist is a collection of relaxing songs that are great for meditating, trying to sleep, or having a good ol’ spa day. These could be a wonderful addition to a Mightier session because these beautiful songs can foster calming feelings. Enjoy!

Mightier Sponsored Playlists

These are playlists that mention Mightier! They’re a collection of ones that we’ve sponsored and specifically are geared towards neurodivergence. Take a look!

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