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Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt

Published on July 15, 2022 | 2 min read

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A fun, interactive activity for kids to practice mindfulness using all their senses. So grab a friend, a sibling, or join yourself. Time to seek out and notice things that make us feel calm.

Activity Details: 

1. Download and print the Scavenger Hunt pages below, and ask your child to grab something colorful to write or draw with, like crayons.

2. Give them time and space to follow the instructions on each square. Some kids will need help describing the items they find.

3. Talk about their words or drawings. Ask what they noticed, and how it made them feel.

4. When the Scavenger Hunt is over, let us know! You can even include a photo of their finished activity sheets. We’ll be sure to mail back a special Lavaling sticker for their collection.


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