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How Mightier Can Improve the School Experience

by Jessica Ragnio, MSW, LICSW, and Associate Clinical Director at Mightier

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Emotions exist at the core of our experiences and functioning. They impact how we perceive and remember situations, how we handle ourselves, and, in many ways, how others perceive, remember, and handle us. The “shyness” that comes with anxiety might mean you get passed over. The unchecked words that come with frustration might mean you get written off or asked to leave. The muddled thinking that comes with being overwhelmed might mean you’re seen as scattered.

For all of us, but especially for kids who struggle with emotional regulation, managing intense emotions while simultaneously engaging in social and academic activities is challenging. Add a layer of executive function difficulties on top of all that, and the picture becomes even more complicated. It’s common for kids to struggle with uncontrolled outbursts, verbal or physical aggression, meltdowns, and being asked to leave the classroom. It’s common for kids to hold it together all day at school, only to fall apart the second they get home.

*In January 2022 we asked Mightier families to rate changes in their children’s school-related anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm since starting the program. Here’s what they said:

71% said their child’s school-related anxiety had improved.

73% said their child’s school-related frustration had improved.

67% said their child’s school-related feelings of overwhelm had improved.

43% said that their child’s teacher had noticed the emotional/behavioral improvements and had gone out of their way to give positive feedback.

Parents shared that their children feel more confident in themselves, proud of themselves, and have more positive outlooks about school. They’re engaging and participating more in the classroom, and getting along better with their peers.

This can mean more time in class

Back in 2016 our team ran a pilot to specifically measure Mightier’s impact on children’s time in the classroom. The pilot was specifically conducted with children whose emotional and behavioral difficulties meant they were being removed from class on a regular basis. The key finding – because playing Mightier improves kids’ emotion regulation abilities, playing Mightier leads to more time in the classroom. Check out our whitepaper here.

*Above school survey data collected in January 2022 from 170 Mightier families who had at least 8 weeks of Mightier play. 8% of families reported anxiety was not a relevant issue to begin with for their child. Similarly, 7% said frustration/anger was not relevant for their child, and 11% said feeling overwhelmed was not relevant for their child.

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