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Body Map

by Emily Stone, LICSW and Lead Clinical Strategist at Mightier

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Helping Kids Understand The Connection Between Their Emotions and Their Bodies

Helping kids make the connection between their emotions and their bodies can be difficult. It is important for kids to be able to understand their physiological cues and understand their bodies responses to triggers that make them feel intense emotions in order to help them calm down more quickly and to feel more confident.

Using this body map, have your child color in where in their body they feel changes or body reactions when they feel an intense emotion. Do their hands get sweaty? Does their heart beat more quickly? Do they have butterflies in their stomach? Use this tool as a way to start having conversations about your child’s mind body connection!

Note from Mightier Clinicians

Outbursts come when kids get over taxed or feel frustrated. Mightier helps kids build up more awareness over their bodies, and step around the challenges that would otherwise lead to outbursts and trouble.

Learn more about how Mightier helps kids manage their emotions. >>

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