Mightier for Professionals

Mightier’s biofeedback technology is being used in professional settings to build automaticity and self-regulation in kids.

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How Would Mightier Fit
Into My Practice?

Mightier is an evidenced-based practice focusing on building automaticity and muscle memory for clients struggling with emotional regulation through playAt Mightier, we know that engaging kids in traditional therapeutic interventions can be challenging so we make learning these skills fun, engaging, and visual.

With Mightier, professionals easily establish rapport, sustain motivation, and engage pediatric clients in a new way. Whether it is in a clinic, hospital, school, or another mental health setting, Mightier helps your clients to feel empowered and excited to learn. Additionally, Mightier offers training, evidence based research, and opportunities to network with professionals just like you.

Our studies show that after 12 weeks kids manage their emotions better and parents experience lower stress.
Reduce Outbursts: ⇩ 62%
Decrease Oppositional Behaviors: ⇩ 40%
Lower Parent Stress: ⇩ 19%

Common questions

We have professionals using Mightier in their private practices, occupational therapy clinics, schools, hospitals, outpatient counseling centers, inpatient hospitalization programs, residential programs, and a variety of others. Below are a few common questions:
Is there a specific way that I should use Mightier with my clients?
Mightier is a flexible tool to use in a professional setting. Similar to other evidenced-based clinical practices, you may closely adhere to the full treatment modality or simply use pieces of the protocol in therapy sessions with clients. Many professionals use Mightier for 45 minutes a week, which is how we recommend families use Mightier at home. Some professionals use it as a visual to help their clients understand the connection between their mind and body while others use it to help them understand the physiological impact of different coping skills. The possibilities are endless!
How can I learn best practices for how to use Mightier in my setting?
We are here to help. You will be matched with a licensed, masters level coach who will help you every step of the way. Your coach can help with questions regarding how to get set up, how to introduce Mightier to parents and other professionals, clinical consultations regarding using Mightier with specific clients, and more. You will have monthly phone consultations with your coach along with email support.
What specific diagnoses does Mightier work well with?
Mightier works with a wide range of children who have a wide range of strengths and needs. Our randomized controlled trials focused on the improvement in aggression, disruptive behaviors, and emotional regulation. While we cannot make generalizations based on small sample size of these diagnoses in our research, we have found that Mightier is helpful for kids struggling with anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, depression, trauma, and emotional regulation.
How many players can I have on one account?
You can have up to 20 player profiles (individual clients) on one account.

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