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Frustration Tolerance Activities

by Jessica Ragnio, MSW, LICSW, and Associate Clinical Director at Mightier

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Understanding Frustrations and Building Frustration Tolerance

We all have things that bug us and make us annoyed and irritated. Maybe it’s a habit, a personality quality, a chore, an item or a sound. Maybe we had certain hopes or expectations for how something would play out, and when it falls short our frustration and disappointment impact our ability to adjust. Maybe we’re frustrated with our partner, and their loud chewing just throws us over the edge. Maybe we just haven’t had enough coffee one morning, or didn’t get enough sleep, and those things that usually wouldn’t bug us, do.

There are all sorts of reasons why we get bugged, bothered, and frustrated. There are all sorts of reasons why our children get bugged, bothered, and frustrated. Mightier’s Bugs Badge lets children explore those frustrations through playful crafts and activities. It also introduces the idea of a “bug plan,” which outlines 4 strategies to help kids (and adults) think differently about and manage those pesky bugs.

And when we overcome something that used to really get to us, that’s worth remembering and celebrating as well! Build that moment of reflection with your child with this Remember Moth craft.

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