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Family Gratitude Jar

Published on November 9, 2022 | 3 minutes read

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Here’s a fun activity for the whole family to practice and share gratefulness. Write down something every day that you’re thankful for, and put it in the Gratitude Jar. Open the Jar and read together, as a family, at the end of the month. Time to seek out and notice things that make us feel thankful.

Activity Details: 

1. Download and print the Gratitude Jar pages below. Print as many copies as you want!

2. Cut out the Gratitude Jar label from the top of the first sheet and tape it on a medium to large jar. If you want, cut a slit in the jar’s lid.

3. Cut out the pieces of paper and make a pile next to the jar

4. At the end of every day (or anytime during the day!) have family members write down something they are grateful for, and put it in the jar. It can be something that happened that day, or anytime!

5. At the end of the month – or on Thanksgiving! – open the jar as a family and read all of the papers out loud.

4. If you do this activity, let us know! You can even include a photo of the Gratitude Jar or one of the papers your kids wrote. We’ll be sure to mail back a special Lavaling sticker for their collection.


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