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Creative Ways to Calm Down

by Emily Devlin, Manager of Strategic Partnerships & Client Success

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Calming down can be hard! It’s natural for our brain and body to get sort of “stuck” in whatever emotion we’re feeling, whether that’s anxiety, anger, or even excitement. When looking for ways to help your child calm down in difficult or intense moments, try for creative, engaging, and empowering strategies.

Make your own

One way to help create buy-in for using calming strategies is to allow kids to make their own. Some may seem silly or strange to you, but allowing kids time and space to consider things that feel good to them is a great way to build self-awareness and can help skills to be actually used.

Work alongside your child as you each make a list or brainstorm creative and enjoyable ways to calm down. Anything (well, almost anything) goes! Once they have a few strategies in mind, make a game of experimenting with each strategy and seeing how you feel.

Recs from Mightier kids!

We asked Mightier kids some of their own creative coping skill! Take a peek at the list with your child. What coping skills can they experiment with to see if they feel helpful for them? What skills can they add to this list that has been helpful for them in the past? 

  • Making a frozen waffle 
  • Doing origami
  • Playing the piano 
  • Pop bubble wrap
  • Singing my favorite song in my head
  • Going on a “brain vacation” to my favorite real or imaginary place
  • Using my favorite fidget tool
  • Counting to 10 
  • Doodle something you love
  • Suck on a hard candy or mint
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