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Cards to Build Social Awareness and Social Skills

by Jessica Ragnio, MSW, LICSW, and Associate Clinical Director at Mightier

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Social awareness and social skills are our ability to get along with others, work together and see things from other people’s perspectives. Social skills take practice. Sometimes we have to think about others and put their needs before ours. Other times we have to make sure we are communicating our own thoughts and emotions clearly, so that other people can understand our perspective. Social skills help us make friends, learn from others, and feel more comfortable interacting with others. These cards are developed to help us practice our social skills.

Use these cards to spark conversation with your child about relationships and social interactions. Take turns picking cards and answering prompts. To encourage sharing, listen intently to children’s answers, validate their experiences, and ask them to share more. Your participation helps model emotional awareness and acceptance for children. Heads up! Throughout the deck are several challenge cards that are both silly and serious. These help kids practice skills and engage with emotional topics in an experiential, playful way.

Mightier Conversation Cards put a playful twist on social-emotional learning. Developed by psychologists and clinical social workers trained at Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals, Mightier Conversation Cards are grounded in evidence-based techniques. They put play, experiential learning, and relationship building at the heart of every moment. This downloadable PDF is a sampling of Mightier’s full Conversation Cards about Social Skills deck, available through Amazon.

Note from Mightier Clinicians

Talking about difficult emotions and practicing calming strategies is one way to help children develop emotional regulation skills and improve their overall emotional wellbeing. Learn more about how Mightier Games help children build emotional strength here.

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