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Body Language Activities to Build Social Skills

by Morgan Russo, MS

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The Detective Skill Pack is all about learning to read people’s body language in order to understand their feelings and to effectively communicate with them. Communication involves a lot more than the words we use. It also involves our posture, tone of voice, facial expressions, and gestures. Therefore, we can use body language as a clue to help us understand how people are feeling. Reading body language is a foundational step in perspective-taking and empathizing with others. By learning how to pay attention to the signs, we can build our social skills. This is a helpful skill for all children to learn, especially when miscommunication occurs or for those who may struggle to connect with peers. 

As a family, work together to explore body language and complete the different activities that teach lifelong social skills you can use in any situation! 

Revealing the Feelings Game

In ‘Revealing the Feelings’ game (an emotional twist on Salad Bowl), you will act out different emotions using tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions. Grab your family and try it out!

Somebody at the cookies…. but who? Use your detective skills to hone in on body language, tone of voice and facial expressions to crack this case.

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