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Brick Breaker

In Brick Breaker, you are trying to break as many bricks as you can, using bouncy “brick breakers.” Aim your brick breakers by touching the place on the screen where you want them to go when they are released from the bottom of the screen.
The numbers on the bricks tell you how many times you have to hit them before they break. You start with one brick breaker, and any time you hit a blue dot on the screen, you collect one additional brick breaker. Every time you launch your brick breakers, the bricks on the screen get one row closer to the bottom of the screen – if any brick reaches the bottom of the screen, your game round is over!

When the inhibitor is activated, the timer for brick-breaker aiming gets shorter, so you have less time to decide where to aim your brick-breakers.


  • Aim for blue dots to collect as many brick breakers as possible
  • Many players have found that aiming low on the screen gives your brick breakers a good trajectory that makes it more likely they’ll hit lots of bricks