Anxiety in

Anxiety in children

My 5 year old son has anxious moments
and we realized when he started playing Mightier that he had no idea how to take a deep breath. Using Mightier, we practiced this, and it really helped!

— Mother of 5 & 9 year old boys

What does child anxiety look like?

Many children and teens who struggle with anxiety appear nervous, ask worried questions, or develop nervous habits like twisting their hair or biting their nails. Sometimes the physical “fight or flight response” that accompanies moments of intense anxiety – shallow breathing, racing heart, sweating – make a person’s anxiety visible to others. But sometimes anxiety in children and teens is harder to spot. In many children, anxiety looks like other things–sleep disturbance, food aversions or picky eating, tummy troubles, interpersonal conflict, difficulties focusing, sadness or withdrawal. Some children who experience anxiety have trouble identifying and describing anxiety as a source of their distress.


Mightier & Anxiety


How to Use Positive Self Talk for Kids to Overcome Anxiety

During this difficult time, it is uncertain what next year looks like, or what tomorrow might bring. When presented with such uncertainty, it is natural for people to feel big feelings, particularly anxiety. In the midst of the global pandemic, we are seeing kids and...

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Helping Kids with Social Anxiety

Helping Kids with Social Anxiety

Is your child extremely shy in social situations? Does the fear of embarrassment stop them from engaging with their peers?   Social anxiety in children can be tough. Without intervention, kids may continue to feel fearful and isolated. Understanding how to help a...

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Coping Skills for Kids with Anxiety

Coping Skills for Kids with Anxiety

Everyone feels anxious from time to time, it is a normal human experience. However, excessive worry or fear can be pervasive, and at its worst, debilitating. Anxiety can be particularly difficult for children who may not have the language skills to express how they...

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Treatment Options for Child Anxiety

When a child struggles with anxiety, it can be difficult to know how serious it is and whether treatment is necessary. Many children – and adults – are reluctant to discuss their anxieties with other people. Many people with anxiety find ways to avoid their anxiety...

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Are There Different Forms of Child Anxiety?

Yes, childhood anxiety comes in many forms. Common types of anxiety in children include: Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) Kids with GAD feel nervous or stressed daily, sometimes unable to name the sources of their anxiety. Children with GAD may worry frequently...

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