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Whip Swing

You are a world-famous adventurer, using your trusty bullwhip to travel as far as you can by swinging from vines above your head. Once you’ve started, there’s no rest until the game is over. Your whip is all that keeps you safe from spikes and lava below.

Tap and hold on the screen to unfurl your bullwhip, then take your finger off the screen to release the whip, then tap and hold again to attach the whip to another ceiling vine.
Simple press and hold mechanic makes this an option for players with motor challenges.

The inhibitor raises the lava floor, making it harder to avoid.


  • Slow down by pressing and not letting go – you’ll swing back and forth slowly
  • If your whip hits a gap in the ceiling vines, it won’t hold & you’ll fall
  • Try to avoid geysers – they’ll break your whip