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Train Conductor World

You are a train conductor, moving trains from track to track by swiping to get them to their destinations and avoid crashing. You collect coins for every train that successfully reaches its destination, and train tracks that you can use to build train lines between cities.

When the inhibitor is activated, lavaling stop signs appear on some of your tracks — don’t hit them, or you will crash!


  • Save up wooden tracks to trade for iron tracks, and save iron tracks to trade for alloy tracks. Keep an eye on the map for special bonus rounds to pop up!
  • The initial TCW tutorial runs long, so some players wonder how to end it. To get through the tutorial, guide trains to specific tracks, then deliver 5 trains in one round, then learn the ‘tap on trains to stop’ mechanic, then play 2 -3 ‘challenge’ rounds. Hang in there during the tutorial, because this is a really fun game!