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Runaway Toad

You are a toad on the lam from a love-struck princess. Keep your cool as you hop away, or she’ll send her blimp and take you back to the castle.

Runaway Toad eats by swiping towards a bug or butterfly. He jumps by tapping (small hops) or by pressing on the screen then letting go (long jumps). He can collect special powers like foresight, hippo favors (a friendly hippo saves you from the water), wings, and bubbles by eating lightning bugs, lady bugs, dragonflies, and bubbly bugs. The lack of time pressure in this game makes it a good option for players with motor challenges.

Your round ends when Toad falls into the water and gets swooped away by the hawk, or when Toad gets picked up by the Princess Blimp.

When the inhibitor is activated, the Princess Blimp comes to scoop you back to the castle.


  • Some players enjoy the soothing piano music of Runaway Toad
  • Special golden bugs, golden lily pads, or hidden caves take you through bonus screens