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Robo Runner

You are a Robot running through a futuristic City collecting coins. Run as far as you can, and collect as many coins as you can, avoiding obstacles by dodging left and right (swipe left, swipe right), rolling low (swipe down), and jumping high (swipe up). Your round ends when you hit an obstacle. There are a variety of powerups ranging from a coin magnet to a jetpack! There are many collectable items throughout the city, and the more coins you gather, the more you can customize your character in the shop.

When the inhibitor activates, a red haze fills the screen you cannot pick up coins, power ups, or collectables.


  • The first couple times you play this game it can feel frustrating, as you try to familiarize yourself with dodging, jumping, and rolling strategies
  • Pick up special powerups like the magnet, which pulls coins towards you, the rocket shoes, which allow double jumps, the multiplier, which doubles your coins collected, and the Rocket booster, which flies you into the sky to collect coins
  • In the Robo Runner store, you can use coins to buy upgrades that will make your magnets, coin multipliers, rocket shoes, and Rocket boosters last longer. You’ll also find cosmetic changes you can purchase in the ‘shops’ section of the store