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Mini Metro

You are a city planner, mapping out a subway system.

Stations appear as shapes (circle, square, triangle, etc.) on the city map, which you connect with subway lines. When you successfully complete a week of urban transporting, you get a new locomotive, carriage, metro line, or other bonus item.

The goal of Mini Metro is to move as many people through the city as you can for as long as you can. This often requires careful planning strategies, such as creating new connections as additional stations appear, remapping lines, and adding locomotives or carriages to lines that are getting overburdened. Your game ends when any station becomes overcrowded, with too many people waiting too long to catch a train.

When the inhibitor is activated, lavalings will block your lines.


  • Success in early cities will unlock other cities around the world
  • Try to have every shape in a somewhat regular order
  • Avoid multiple stations of the same shape in one metro line