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Kitty in the Box

In this game, you help kitties slide into boxes.
Make sure your kitty reaches the box, but don’t slide too far or she will fall. Along the way, you collect stars and sardines! Kitty in the Box has 62 levels.
To try to send your kitty into a box, touch the
screen where the kitty is, slide your finger backwards, then let go – kind of like an onscreen slingshot.
Lack of time pressure make this game a good option for players with motor challenges.

When the inhibitor is activated, it is much
harder to control the direction of your kitty.


  • Slide your finger straight back for a kitty slide or downward for a kitty jump
  • Slide your finger back further for a more powerful kitty slide/jump
  • From the Kitty in the Box map screen, see the sardine house in the lower right- a fun place for jumping and getting sardines!
  • You can play levels over and over again
  • You can use sardines in the Kitty in the Box store to dress your kitty