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Flying Ace

You are a fighter pilot who is collecting star coins in the sky while missiles pursue you! You control the direction of your plane using the circular controller on the lower right of the screen. If a missile hits you, your round is over!

When you are in the red zone, pink clouds fill the sky and make it difficult to see where you are flying.


  • Watch for arrows to show you what direction to go in for special coins that give you a forcefield (blue arrows) and to tell you where missiles are coming from (red arrows)
  • Turning just before a missile hits you can be a great strategy for missile evasion
  • Rotating your device 180 degrees will give a left-handed player the circular controller on the left side
  • When in the red touch the gizmo so you can get back into the blue and clear the pink clouds before you crash
  • You can buy new planes with stars.