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lavalings contest

Have your child create the next Mightier Lavaling and be included in future games!

Lavalings are fun, collectable Mightier characters. They each have their own personality and emotions, strengths, and things they are working on. Lavalings are Mightier’s way of communicating awareness, practice, and emotional control to parents while providing encouragement and rewards to kids.

But there’s much more to lavalings than just a way to communicate emotions. Lavalings make their way onto the screen when your child’s heart rate rises and they enter their Red Zone. They are the visual cue to say, “Hey, your heart rate is up!”.  When your child successfully returns to their Blue Zone, they are rewarded by collecting a lavaling!”

Contest Details

Kids draw their own Lavalings (hot and cold state) and Luigi, Mightier’s Lead Game Designer, will pick the winner and put their lavaling in the next game.  Plus,  the winners will receive professionally rendered images of their lavaling designs.

Drawings can be submitted through the form below.

Submission dates:
October 1 – 31, 2021


Winner will be announced on
November 7, 2021

designing a lavaling

Past Submissions

homemade lavaling

Enter Mightier’s “Design the Next Lavaling” Contest

We want to show off your designs! Is it ok for Mightier to post your lavaling design and description on our website and social pages?(Required)
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