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Autism in children

I was concerned that he would become frustrated
with the process and not want to continue but the opposite happened. [He] felt empowered because he began to recognize that he was in direct control over how his time with the games went.

— Father of 10 year old son

What is ASD/Autism?

Children with ASD/autism often display emotional regulation challenges. Symptoms may include aggression, disruptive behaviors, irritability, anger, or anxiety. Mightier can help with these symptoms. Our randomized controlled trials of the fundamental technology showed improvement in aggression and disruptive behaviors. We also saw improvement in emotional regulation.


Mightier & Autism


5 Sensory Activities for Kids with Autism

5 Sensory Activities for Kids with Autism

Children with autism sometimes have difficulty interpreting and responding to their sensory experiences. This can result in an over-response to some sensations and an under-response to others. Sounds, textures, sights, tastes, and smells can have a powerful influence...

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Harrison’s Story

Harrison is a 20-year-old college student who lives in the Eastern United States with his parents. He has a sister and brother who are older and living on their own. Harrison’s mother, Louise, describes him as very intelligent, funny, friendly, and engaging. Harrison...

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Brooke’s Story

Brooke is a clinician in the Northwest United States who provides individual counseling to children and adults. Brooke’s practice has clinicians who usually have sessions with their clients once a week, and behavioral health specialists who are available to see...

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Emmett’s Story

Emmett, an 11-year-old, lives in the midwestern U.S. with his dad Rob and his older brothers Elliott and Gavin. Emmett is a great problem-solver with a brilliant mind. His dad describes him as “so articulate you wouldn’t know he’s 11. He sounds twice his age.” Emmett...

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Easy Ways For Parents to Better Connect With Kids With Autism
Interview with Dr.Jason Kahn of Mightier


Having three children on the autism spectrum, I understand the struggles of emotional regulation all too well.
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