Interventions & Activities

In-session interventions using the Mightier tablet and heart rate monitor

In-session interventions using Mightier language (No equipment required)

Mightier Daily News

Use this activity to celebrate accomplishments in Mightier games to help clients build self-confidence and to encourage conversation around game play routine.

10 mins

Positive Affirmation Cards

This positive affirmations activity helps a client practice using strengths-based language to build confidence and resilience.

15 mins

Coping Skill Cards

This creative activity provides clients with an opportunity to choose which calming skills work best for them while having an opportunity to create a visual that can serve as a reminder for skills that work best for them.

20 mins

Gizmo Storytelling

Using behavior chaining, this activity will help clients reflect on an experience and discuss changes in behavior for future experiences by using familiar Mightier language.

15 mins

Make Your Own Mightier Gizmo

This visual activity will help kids identify triggers and body cues associated with their emotions and different heart rates.

20 mins

Lavaling Feelings Identification Chart

This check-in activity allows clients to reflect and share what they are feeling using Mightier’s Lavaling characters.

7 mins

Create Your Own Lavaling

This creative activity uses a narrative approach of externalizing a client’s symptoms to a character that they are familiar with from Mightier games.

20 mins

Celebrate A Mightier Moment

This activity allows time and space for a client to identify successes throughout their week. It can be used as a check-in at the beginning of the session, a way to celebrate hard work during sessions, and/or as a closing activity.

10 mins

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