Daily Feelings

Help Kids to Track Their Feelings Throughout the Day

Sometimes it can be hard for kids to identify if their day was a “good day” or a “bad day.” Use this tool to help your child break down and understand how they felt throughout the day.

Have your child identify whether or not they felt “in the red” (frustrated, anger, excited, really happy, or upset) or “in the blue (calm, cool, and in control) throughout each of these parts of the day. Help your child to understand what parts of the day are difficult for them to better develop strategies to manage their big feelings.

Emotion Tracker Worksheet

Tracker for Kids Preview

Note from Mightier Clinicians

The pressure to keep it cool can be exhausting and can encourage the suppression of big feelings that need to come out. Restraining these feelings is often what creates more intense emotions later down the line and can lead to things like fights, arguments, or shutting down.  Everyone needs time and a space to express their feelings and lose their cool in a productive and safe way.

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