Conversation Cards

What are Conversation Cards?

Conversation cards are a playful way for children to practice sharing things about themselves and expressing their thoughts and feelings. These cards provide open-ended sentence starters that encourage conversation- supporting the child’s social and emotional development.

How do I use Conversation Cards?

Cut out and shuffle the cards, then turn it into a game using these ideas below:

1. Use them with the child’s favorite game. Turn the deck of conversation starter cards over. Each time it is someone’s turn, that player picks up a conversation card and reads it to another player to complete the sentence. Take turns asking questions back and forth between players.

2. Pick a card of the day. Have the child pick a card from the deck daily. Encourage them to complete the sentence and to ask others (friends, family members, and others) to complete the prompt as well. Reflect on what the child has learned about others and themselves.

3. Make your own game. Some children find answering these prompts with an adult or other children a game in and of itself. Simply turn the deck of cards over and take turns completing the sentences.

Mightier’s Conversation Cards