Circle of Control

What is the Circle of Control?

The Circle of Control is a tool that helps us sort out what we can and cannot control in our lives. For kids who struggle with anxiety, anger, or general big feelings, telling the difference between these two things can be difficult and overwhelming. The Circle of Control is a visual that helps kids reflect and focus on the things that are within their control. This can make conversation and problem solving much easier to manage!

How do I use the Circle of Control?

Using the worksheet below or a blank sheet of paper, have your child draw a circle. This is the child’s circle of control. On the inside have them write or draw things they feel they have control or infuence over. If your child has trouble thinking of things, you can provide suggestions. Some examples may be things like thinking before you speak, being kind to others, trying my best, or my feelings.

Once they have a list of things they feel control over, have them write or draw things they don’t have control over. Feel free to suggest examples such as what other people say or do, the weather, my teacher, or your classmates.

You can use this tool for your child to reflect on their feelings around what they have control over, complete your own circle of control with your child, or use the circle of control as a visual to go back to often when problem-solving with your child.

Mightier’s Circle of Control Worksheet

circle of control worksheet