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mightier clinician study

Mightier gives kids ways to strengthen their emotion regulation skills while they play games.

Research studies have found that playing Mightier reduces children’s aggressive behaviors, improves child emotion regulation, and lowers parent stress. Mightier is conducting this study to measure the effects of new games they are bringing to the Mightier platform.

The Mightier Play Study is for families of children ages 6-12 who have never played Mightier. During the 8-week study, child participants will be asked to play Mightier games. Parent participants may also play Mightier games and will have brief weekly study check-ins with Mightier researchers. Study participants will receive free access to Mightier for one year, along with a Mightier tablet and a heart rate monitor that players wear while they play Mightier games.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Child ages 6-12 who never play Mightier
  • In-home WiFi access

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Receive a link to share with your family clients who might be interested in participating in this study

  • Receive the complete Mightier game system


  • Play Mightier video games for 45 minutes a week


  • Complete monthly calls for up to 2 months

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Helping kids build emotional support tools

Your participation in this study will help make tools like Mightier more accessible for families like yours and help prove that emotional strength is a vital skill for all kids.

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87% of parents report a positive behavior change within 3 months.