Tech Tips


Mightier Tech Tips

Heart Rate Monitor

  • Charge the heart rate monitor before getting started and frequently between play sessions
  • Place the heart rate monitor snugly on your player’s non-dominant bicep. The sensors on the monitor must be in full, direct contact with skin with no light escaping for an accurate read. The connection will be disrupted if worn too loosely.

Mightier App

  • Syncing Data
    Children can play Mightier offline, but the app must connect to the internet for data to sync and for the app to receive updates. We recommend staying connected to the internet if using the Mightier App on multiple devices.
  • Player Creation
    You can create additional player accounts for guests or other family members directly from the Player Select screen of the Mightier App


  • The login information across all Mightier systems (Mightier App, Mightier Parent App, Web Dashboard) is the same email and password used upon checkout.

Mightier Tablet

  • Most issues will be solved by rebooting the tablet. Hold the power button down for 10-15 seconds while the tablet is powered on
  • Connect to Wifi: If stuck on the WiFi connection screen, the WiFi password was likely entered incorrectly. You can also try refreshing the connection or connecting to a different network.



If technical issues are preventing your child from being able to play, please contact us so we can help troubleshoot.

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We’re here for you

Our Family Care Team of Mightier experts with clinical backgrounds are available to support and enhance your family’s Mightier journey.
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