mightier live

What is Mightier Live?

It’s a way to bring Mightier children together to play, learn from each other, and most importantly have fun!

Mightier hosts two virtual sessions each month led by Mightier team members. The gaming session allows children to play together, learn insider tips, and discuss the games with a Mightier Game expert! The transition and skill building session helps children build on their skills and transition them into the real world.

Upcoming session information is below. Register today to help your child get excited about playing Mightier, to help them interact with other kids in the community, and to learn more about emotional regulation!

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Special Kids Event: Writing your own Meditation


Wednesday, October 6th at 7PM EST

Join Children’s book author Elena Paige and Emily Stone, Senior Clinical Strategist at Mightier, for a Live kids event centered around making coping skills personal and fun. Elena will lead kids through writing their own Meditation Script.

meditation script

“They are really fun! I like meeting lots of new people and seeing my awesome Mightier friends; and of course I love the hosts!”