Mightier Member Resources

Mightier Member Resources

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Getting started

Getting started

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Setting Up and Wearing the Heart Rate Monitor
Tips & tricks for setting up and wearing the Mightier heart rate monitor.
Player Profiles
Setting Up & Deleting Player Profiles
Instructions on how to set up and delete player profiles through the Parent Hub and Mightier App.
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Introducing Mightier

Wondering how to introduce Mightier to your child? Here are some approaches to consider.

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Mightier Parents Facebook Community

A place for families to learn, share, and get support. The community is exclusive for Mightier Members.

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Mightier Vocabulary

The Mightier Program works best when it becomes a part of your family culture with shared language.

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Sensory Sensitivities

Learn more about Mightier’s equipment and how we support children with sensory sensitivities.

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Play & Routine

Play & Routine

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The Magic Behind the Play
What to expect, and why to expect it – understanding and supporting your child’s Mightier journey.
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Playtime Advice

Wondering how often your child should play Mightier?

Routine is the magic word. 

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About lavalings!

What are these funny looking creatures, and why is my child being encouraged to collect them?

Calming Strategies

Dr. Dragon teaches children 4 calming strategies during Mightier gameplay. Watch Kimberly Siefkes, LISW and Senior Program Specialist demonstrate the 4 techniques here.

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Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles

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Structuring Mightier Time Every Week
Finding time for Mightier can be especially challenging if your family has a busy schedule.
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My Child Won’t Play!

There are a variety of reasons we have found for why kids might not be as involved with Mightier as we anticipated they would be with a video game.
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Mightier Tech Tips
Troubleshooting for the heart rate monitor, tablet, and login issues.


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We’re here for you

Our Family Care Team of Mightier experts with clinical backgrounds are available to support and enhance your family’s Mightier journey.
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