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From learning how to shine with ADHD to gaining confidence in social situations, our stories unite us and are a reminder that we’re never alone.

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From surviving to thriving

My son, James, is a 9 ½ year old little boy who was diagnosed with ADHD at 7yrs old. He is loving, very smart, and he dreams of playing football for the Patriots! James lives at home with his mom, dad, and little brother, Daniel. We have had James on low doses of Adderall for the last few years to help with his ADHD, but even with the medication things were still challenging.

Stories from families just like yours

Jack’s Story

Meet Jack Jack is a 10-year-old boy who lives on the west coast of the United States with his mother, Anne. Anne describes Jack as funny and easy to get along with. She says that Jack loves animals and overall is a very social child who has many friends. Jack is...

Isaac’s Story

Isaac is an 8-year-old boy who lives in the Pacific Northwest of the US with his mom, dad, twin sister, and older brother. Isaac’s mother, Carrie, describes him as hardworking and determined, and he is a skilled builder with Legos and magnatiles. Isaac’s journey with...

Caleb’s Story

Caleb is a 7-year-old who lives in the Midwest U.S. with his mother, father, and older brother. Caleb’s mother Annie describes him as creative, friendly, outgoing, curious, and caring. When he was 6 years old, Caleb’s parents decided to get Mightier to help him with...

Brooke’s Story

Brooke is a clinician in the Northwest United States who provides individual counseling to children and adults. Brooke’s practice has clinicians who usually have sessions with their clients once a week, and behavioral health specialists who are available to see...

Miles’ Story

Before Mightier, the word that Stephanie heard most often from her son, Miles, was “no.” Even if she asked him to do something he enjoyed, he refused. When he wasn’t getting his way, when he felt like he wasn’t being listened to, or when he felt like others were...

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