About Mightier

Mightier is a family-based program developed at Boston Children’s Hospital that empowers children to build emotional strength and supports the caregivers who love them. With Mightier’s innovative game system, players are able to practice keeping their “cool” while playing fun, award-winning mobile games. Three clinical trials at Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Mass General have shown Mightier works as well as medications. The program has served over 25,000 families with over 10 million games played. Our mission is to empower every child to build emotional strength.


Why this role is important:

We believe the best way to solve the access, stigma, and engagement problems in mental health is to give families direct access to an empowering, proven program. There are >20M+ kids struggling with ADHD, autism, and anxiety and millions more who could benefit from learning self-regulation to help them thrive in life. The challenge and opportunity for the Vice President of Marketing is to figure out how to reach families cost-effectively by testing and building scalable channels, all while being mindful of a brand that puts authenticity and family needs front and center.  

Your work will shape the future of Mightier. You’ll do this surrounded by a team of incredibly curious and passionate people who are thrilled at the opportunity to make a change that dramatically impacts the lives of children.


Day to day responsibilities:

You will create the marketing strategy for the overall company while  balancing the needs of a large and growing community.  You will be the steward of the Mightier brand. You will be the company’s critical growth driver, responsible for managing a budget to create, implement, and optimize performance campaigns across all channels. Your growth strategy includes online acquisition, influencer marketing, and content marketing. You are as comfortable crafting strategy as rolling up your sleeves to launch and optimize new channels and campaigns.  Every day will look different, but that is part of the fun. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Manage a 5+ person marketing team and six figure budget  across growth, retention, and brand.
  • Develop a strategic vision for how growth marketing and the Mightier brand should evolve to reach millions of families.
  • Articulate Mightier’s vision and strategy through compelling customer stories that inspire, motivate, and lead to revenue generation
  • Develop partnerships and programs to build the Mightier brand and drive engagement across the Mightier ecosystem.
  • Participate as a key member of the management team in all major strategic and financing decision


Partner with Product & CX

  • Partner with product leaders to drive ongoing adoption of Mightier by connecting the product roadmap with our go-to-market strategy.
  • Collaborate in the creation of Mightier’s  performance metrics, including user engagement, customer acquisition cost, churn, etc..
  • Partner with Product, CX and other internal stakeholder groups to lead the definition, messaging and communication that channel and embody our family voices, personas, and experiences.
  • Support CX outreach to customers across our channels and communities, collaborating with CX leaders to craft positive, authentic messages and experiences to deliver empathetic and thoughtful touch points throughout the customer journey.

Experience needed:

  • You have startup experience and have owned and  scaled a marketing function from its early stages.
  • You are creative, curious, and persistent. We are building a new category and there is no playbook. 
  • You have executed a growth marketing strategy that has efficiently scaled across multiple paid and unpaid channels. 
  • You are data driven and know how to build a culture of rapid testing and learning. 
  • You have worked for brands that know how to create compelling stories that inspire consumers and rise above a competitive marketplace.
  • You have a proven track record of people-focused leadership that drives business performance and builds the careers of your team members.

The best parts of this job:

  • You will have a lot of autonomy and the potential to make a huge impact on the success of the company, culture of the team, and the overall Mightier community.
  • You’ll be part of building a new category with an evolving product that has the potential to impact the lives of millions of families.
  • This role will serve as a key member of the senior leadership team and report to the CEO.


The worst parts of this job:

  • We’re a startup, so things are changing as we mature as a company. Changes will continue to happen frequently. You’ll need to be ready to go with the flow and dive in to help. 
  • We’re fully distributed at this time, which is awesome, but it can prove to be an extra challenge when managing a growing team. 
  • We’re working in a new product space, so there’s no exact playbook for success to lean on.


Remote due to COVID (preference for EST) Excited about being together in an office environment when the time is right.


About us:

We are still a small team and many of us come from incredibly varied career backgrounds. You will be working and communicating with psychologists, game designers, scientists, and parents to push Mightier forward. What unites us is that we all believe in the product and the impact it has. We care about every family, and we cultivate a free and open work environment where everyone’s voice is heard. 

Interested? Email resume to: careers@mightier.com