Finding resilience, together



Finding resilience, together


What will school look like this year?

As we navigate the ambiguity of the school year ahead, we put together our thoughts and resources on managing uncertainty and finding resilience. We want to know–How are you feeling? How are your kids responding? 

Mental Health Matters too

Jason Kahn, PhD
Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Pediatric providers are reporting an increase in mental health referrals. My own son has joined the statistics: increased crying, a short temper, and frequent withdrawing have grown out of a slight shyness that was once a footnote to a previously easy-going and silly personality.

Resources on Resilience and Managing Uncertainty

Emily Stone, LICSW
Professional Clinical Programming Manager

No matter what the future holds, learning how to be resilient and manage uncertainty are skills that will help your child to manage whatever comes their way. We’ve gathered a list of resources to support you and your child on this journey.

The Power of Routines

Suzanne Nystrom,
MA (LMHC candidate), PMH-C

Ever since March went out like a lion instead of a lamb we have all been trying to navigate this pandemic in the best ways we know how. Adults jumped into action to get our children up and learning again. Our children tried to adapt to this “new normal” while feeling the loss of their regular school year that ended abruptly.

Behavioral Challenges in the “Classroom”

Emily Stone, LICSW
Professional Clinical Programming Manager

Despite the unknowns, there are a few things that we do know. We know that kids are resilient. We know kids can cope with uncertainty if met with the right resources and support to do so.

Helping Children Feel Hopeful

Suzanne Wintner,
MSW, LICSW, MPH, Senior Scientist

In times like these, families want to focus on protecting their children’s safety and well-being. An important part of that is helping children find things they can be hopeful about.

How are your kids feeling about the upcoming school year?

This year will be unlike any before, and we want to know how kids are feeling. Submit a video, a drawing, a photo or a quote of your child telling us how they feel about the start of the school year. How does it feel to be frustrated? How does it feel to be happy?

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