Emily Stone
, LICSW, social worker and Senior Clinical Strategist at Mightier

We hear questions all the time from families such as, “Is there a right amount of time to play Mightier?” or  “How many days a week should my child play?”. Often our answer has been that fitting Mightier into your family’s routine is the easiest, and best way to ensure that your child gets enough practice with Mightier- usually with an emphasis on getting at least 45 minutes of play a week.


After looking at several years of information that families share with us about their child’s progress and their time played, we noticed something. When a consistent routine for playing Mightier is incorporated into a family’s home, a child’s chances of progress towards better emotion regulation increase. 


This makes sense. Just like learning any other skill, the more we practice, the better we get. Think about skills like riding a bike, playing the piano, or speaking a foreign language. The more immersed we are, and the more often we do these things, the more skilled we become.


This can be, as we know, easier said than done. 


There are a lot of obstacles that can get in our way. When we are learning something new, our body and brain are working in overdrive to learn and change behavior. This extra work can sometimes make motivation difficult. Along with that, finding time and space to fit something new into an already packed schedule can feel daunting and make learning feel like a chore.


Because challenges are likely to arise, setting a routine can be a natural safety net for learning something new. Routine helps us stick to our plan and persevere through times where it does not feel natural or like it may be too challenging.


We recommend playing Mightier at least 3 times a week to help your child get enough practice. 


In order to get those three or more days in, set a routine that works best for your family. Many share that finding a time where there is a gap in their schedule that can be filled with some extra learning is where Mightier can be helpful.

Some families have their kids play first thing in the morning when they are dressed and waiting to go to school. 


Parents have incorporated Mightier into their child’s virtual school routine as a break from schoolwork. 


Kids have shared with us that they love to play on the car ride home from school or a sports practice to help them calm down and get ready for the rest of the day. 


Many families play after dinner and before bedtime as a way to wind down and settle for the evening. 


Whatever your routine or schedule looks like, make sure it is personalized for you and your family, ensure that it is reasonable and not something that feels overwhelming, and ask us for help when you need it – we are here to support you every step of the way.