Emily Stone, LICSW Your family’s life is going to look different this fall. No matter what the future holds, learning how to be resilient and manage uncertainty are skills that will help your child to manage whatever comes their way. Below is a list of resources sharing tips and tricks for fostering resiliency and managing uncertainty for both you and your child.   How to Help Families and Staff Build Resilience During the COVID-19 Outbreak Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child discusses building resilience and the three ways that we can affect experiences and the balance of the resiliency scale.   Promoting Resilient Families During COVID-19 The Center for Childhood Resilience shares concrete ways parents and caregivers can promote feelings of safety during difficult times. They offer a variety of great resources around themes like creating a safe environment, building relationships, teaching emotional regulation, and more.

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Ways to Promote Children’s Resilience to the COVID-19 Pandemic Child Trends offers in-depth information around the protective factors that can provide a buffer from harm and increase the chances that children adapt positively to adversities, like the COVID-19 pandemic.   Three activities that will help your children cope in times of uncertainty Mercy Corps, a global team of humanitarians, shares 3 activities that they use as a part of their Family Superhero program. The program helps families to develop coping skills and take care of their well-being. These same home-based activities can be used with your own family during this unpredictable time.   How to Help Children Build Resilience in Uncertain Times The pediatrician powered website Healthychildren.org shares some thoughts and feelings that parents and caregivers may be having right now, coupled with productive, positive reframes to explore how to build resiliency moving forward.   How to Build Children’s Resilience, and Your Own, Amid Coronavirus Unknowns World Economic Forum shares 4 actions and approaches that help to foster resiliency. The article discusses how providing caring and sensitive responses for children during times of uncertainty can help.   Supporting Your Children During Uncertain Times TAPS offers ways to model confidence and ways to practice self-care for parents. The article discusses the influence these practices have on children during difficult times.