2021 has been a record year! Mightier has reached many milestones and accomplishments, including celebrating our 5th Birthday. Here are a few of the biggest highlights!

1. Launched the Mightier Parent App
The Mightier Parent App makes it easy for parents and caregivers to track their child’s Mightier play routine, view information about their child’s progress, and learn how to make the most out of their Mightier experience. Over 3,000 families have already downloaded the Mightier Parent App!

2. Showed Mightier Can Help Support the Treatment of Children with Autism
We conducted a pilot with Magellan Healthcare in which children with autism who were receiving ABA therapy were given access to Mightier. 81% of families using Mightier reported progress on their primary symptom, compared to 58% receiving only ABA. These findings allow for opportunities for future partnerships and more effective care for kids and families. Read more about the pilot here.

3. Better Game Experience to Make Mightier More Fun and Engaging
We heard lots of feedback from kids and families on how to make Mightier more fun and engaging in 2021. Our team added a game library to the Mightier app, removing the need for kids to swap out available games, without knowing when they could play them again. By playing games and capturing lavalings, players will earn “XP” to level up, which rewards game unlock tokens. Now kids can select which games they want to unlock, and never have to ‘lose’ the games they like.

4. Provided Local Organizations with Access to Mightier
Mightier supported the Boston community this year by providing Mightier kits to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. This partnership allows kids to play and benefit from Mightier who may not be able to access a subscription at home. A program director at one of the clubs shared, “Our youth love video games! Mightier is a tool to teach skills that we are trying to share with our club members.”

5. 3 New Lavalings Joined the Mightier Family
This year we conducted a contest inviting Mightier players to submit their own drawings, names, and personalities to become new Lavalings. We now have 3 new Lavalings who have joined the Mightier family and will be added to the Mightier App in 2022. Meet Lavacado, Milly, and Augie!

6. Launched a Study with the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
Mightier was awarded a $2 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to support research on the impact of video games on improving children’s mental health in collaboration with Magellan Healthcare. This landmark study hopes to understand how the introduction of digital tools can increase access to care, improve outcomes, and reduce treatment costs for children and their families. Read more about the efforts here.

7. Took Action to Make Mightier More Representative and Accessible
Mightier partnered with Represent Me for a consultation on how to make each family’s experience playing Mightier more representative and accessible. Many of our games and descriptions have been updated to ensure that all kids and families feel as though they see themselves in Mightier games and content.

8. Made Mightier Available on All App Stores
Mightier is easier to use! The Mightier App became available in March to download through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store. This has allowed families to use Mightier on a wider range of devices.

9. Added “Gizmode” to Mightier
The Mightier app added the “Gizmode” feature, which puts the Gizmo in the center of the screen so players and their families can focus on their heart rate. Included with “Gizmode” are Mightier Family Games, a fun way for parents and kids to play Mightier together. We released three different Mightier Family Games this year, which can be viewed here: https://www.mightier.com/familygames/