Here’s a fun way to learn even more about heart rate and the connection between the brain and body while also getting out some energy!

All you will need for this activity is your heart rate monitor, the Mightier app, a piece of paper (or the attached activity sheet, printed), and something to write with.


  1. Put on your heart rate monitor and start-up Mightier!
  2. Discuss each activity on the activity sheet below. Which activity do you think will get you to the red the fastest? Which activity do you think will get you to the red the slowest? (Remember, the red is when your heart rate increases and gets quicker!)
  3. Rate each activity with hearts. (1 heart means your heart rate will rise slowly. 3 hearts means your heart rate will rise quickly.)
  4. Try each activity out wearing your heart rate monitor. Watch the Mightier app and your gizmo. Use a timer to see how many seconds it takes to get into the red. Don’t forget to write it down!
  5. Talk about your data! Were you correct in predicting which activity got your heart rate up fastest? If not, which ones surprised you?
  6. Try this with activities of your own to test how quickly your heart rate goes up.
  7. For a bonus challenge- you can try different skills and time how quickly it brings your heart rate down.

Click here to download & print the activity sheet