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Summer Activities

Physical activity is good for our muscles, bones, heart and lungs. It can improve our energy, strength, and endurance, and protect our long-term physical health ...
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Transition to Summer

The end of the school year will result in some changes. Mightier has helpful tips to make the transition to summer easier for your child ...
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Activity – 5 Calming Relaxation Techniques For Kids

When children are overwhelmed or anxious, it can increase stress levels for the whole family. Finding relaxation strategies that help children and young people handle ...
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5 Mindfulness Activities For Kids at Home

Mindfulness can be a fun and simple practice. Here are a few kid-friendly activities that will help introduce your child to this beneficial skill and ...
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7 fun problem solving activities for kids to support their growth

Problem solving skills are an amazing gift to bestow on your developing child to help them feel empowered and prepared to take on life challenges ...
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7 Effective Anger Management Activities

7 Effective Anger Management Activities For Kids

Help your child learn valuable emotional skills with these 7 simple, but effective, anger management activities for kids ...
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Positive Self-Talk Benefits and Activities

Positive self-talk is an essential tool in social-emotional learning, and it has been shown to increase positivity and help people to gain more self-confidence ...
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Empathy activities for kids

Empathy Activities for Kids

Many parents' goals for their children are for them to grow into a good person who is capable of navigating through life's detours and obstacles ...
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Activity ideas for different stages of play

Activity Ideas for Different Stages of Play

Play is a natural part of childhood, and anyone who has spent time with young children knows that many kids can entertain themselves almost effortlessly, ...
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5 Activities for Children With Anxiety

Anxiety is a visceral feeling; a fight-or-flight reaction to an often unknown antagonist. It can be frustrating to witness and debilitating for your child to ...
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5 awesome activities for kids with ADHD

5 Awesome Activities For Kids With ADHD

Parenting a child who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder comes with a unique set of issues that multiply the challenges of parenthood exponentially. It can ...
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5 Sensory activities for kids with autism

5 Sensory Activities for Children with Autism

Children on the autism spectrum sometimes have difficulty interpreting and responding to their sensory experiences. This can result in an over-response to some sensations and ...
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